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Watching the
Watching the towers, fighting, falling moon, who knows the strong man's heart in the flute, a few tears in the present----- inscription. A flute, a snowy country, the sheep are like snow, the heavens and the earth are silent, and the Han Festival in the hands has also faded its spikes. How about visiting alone? What about the law counseling? The geese ran across, and the encounter happened to be acquainted; the voice of the desert was melodious, telling me that I was in the heart of Han. The smudges are so thin that people can be gentle and gentle? The wool pharyngeal blood, the head is whiter than the cream. Holding the Han Festival, the body is old, the watch of a lifetime, just with the eternity in the tug-of-war! It turned out that you are Su Wu's sheep whip, swaying, accompanying him, watching the mountain, watching the river. Only when people watch a lofty height can they stand up in the sky and set off the pride of the nation forever. (Intentionally create the inscription, the language is refined and elegant, and cultivates the body and mind of a boat, a crescent moon. Jinghu Buju, lonely village, lying in the night, listening to the wind and rain. The wall is smashing, full of dust and gray. The fisherman sings, hard to sing Guan Shanyue. Dreaming Jin Ge Tie Ma, Pima Liangzhou, a few mistakes. How to look north? How about leisure? The cold moon in the building Carton Of Cigarettes, the iron ride in the Central Plains, from the Xu Feng Wan Wanli, who knows? Smoke, though disabled, my heart is not dead. The humming of a lifetime is nothing but a difference between the two! Originally here Cigarettes Online, you are the poem of Lu You, swearing, singing that sing and sing that heart. Pursuing the pursuit, we can leave an eternal back to the heavens and the earth, even if people have gone. (Poetry is full of books, thick and thin, and precipitates the culture of history.) A song, a river. Juan Juan life red peach blossoms, can not play A stream of "Li Sao", on the banks of the Miluo River, you jumped forward, can you see if you can see the Qingjiang River? There is no vein of the orange in the flood, so here, meet you, let me smooth your shirt. Pleats, the lock of the eyebrows, the peach blossom in the hand, We went back to the place where we sang the songs, dancing swords, playing songs, and there was no thin figure in the wind. In the hometown of ��, the leaves are fragrant, the net is looking for a thousand years of dreams! (Miao literary master verses, inheriting the national spirit here, I am full of poems Book, sit and watch the clouds, write the eternal soul! Look at the snowy lonely film alone, but not lonely; listen to the sand field Jin Ge iron horse, but not noisy, just because this road has your article from ancient times to today, thinking for thousands of years 1. Take the material well and reflect the heavy history. From the material selection of the article, the decay is magical. The small author comprehensively describes the story of ��Su Wu She Yang�� as both novel and appropriate, let the story renew its vitality and let the readers read. In the middle of the historical story of the thick beauty. 2, thick rendering, highlighting the vicissitudes of emotions. The beginning of the article "a flute, a snow, a crescent moon, a river" artistic conception, not only accounted for the character's appearance environment, but also rendered The inner heart and image of the character naturally blends the vicissitudes of history with the tragedy of the characters, and achieves the unity of artistic conception and connotation. It is highly artistic and appealing to the present and the present, and realizes the sublimation of the theme. Not only depicts the poignant history of the story, but also tap their inner spiritual beauty, such as: watch sublime, eager to return; pursuit of ideals, to restore the Central Plains; harbor Chu, unafraid of death broadens the article breadth, thickness, and raised the subject of the article.
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