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hey didn't have time,
Grandpa is a cadre in the village. He often travels back and forth between several villages to deal with official affairs every day. At that time, I didn't buy a car at home. He often got up very early and set off from the village to the town for an early meeting. It��s a grandfather��s birthday to go home very late every day. My grandmother told me that my grandfather and my grandfather like to eat. I want my brother and sister to get some food for my grandfather. Grandpa has planted many trees at home, but my sister and I alone. No eucalyptus was found. So my sister and I can only go to other people's homes to pick up. "I like to eat something bad, I have to eat it, I hate eating it!" I complained behind. "I can't walk anymore!" The sister turned back and saw that I sat down on the ground and stopped. She took my little hand and said, "The grandfather you like to eat is planted. He likes to forget to plant it. You See how good he is to you? Today is Grandpa��s birthday Marlboro Red. You will find him to eat, he will be very happy!�� How could I know so much at that time? I will not leave if I am on the ground. My sister was impatient, and I raised my hand and slapped me. The burning pain in his face, and then a burst of crying sounded. The cry was tired, and I gasped and followed my sister. I thought about it with the brain at that time. "Okay, you dare to beat me. When I go home, I tell my grandmother to let her kill you Marlboro Gold." Finally, my sister and I got picked up, and we ran home and asked for help Marlboro Cigarettes. Going to the evening, we waited, waited for a long time. Finally, Grandpa is back. I handed the donkey to Grandpa with a smile on my face. Grandpa took over, and for a long time, he didn��t speak, but his eyes were shining with tears. At that time, although I didn't know why Grandpa was crying, I could feel Grandpa should be very happy. I was very excited at that time. I had a sense of accomplishment that completely ruined my sister��s actions. My grandfather took me with a kiss and gently tied me with his short beard. He carefully peeled it off. Open a cockroach and send it into my mouth. Seriously, that is the best food I have ever eaten.Orange tree, plum tree, chestnut tree..." My sister and I stood under the fruit tree and counted our own fruit trees. I said to my sister, "Why is there no banyan tree?" "It should be Grandpa forgot." The sister replied carelessly. "When the New Year was over, Dad came back and asked him to come and plant us. However, before the New Year, my parents came back. When they didn't have time, they hurriedly took Grandpa to Changsha. When they came back again, Grandpa just lay in bed. The room was very quiet, no one spoke. At that time, I let the Buddha understand what, and did not ask them. Just walked out of the room silently, it was quiet outside. I heard a few birds and faintly It was so strange the next day, Grandpa passed away. I stared at the grandfather lying in the coffin. He closed his eyes. The Buddha fell asleep peacefully and seemed to be worried about anything. I didn't cry, quietly squatting. There, the people around me are watching me, I know that it is called "sympathy, then Dad planted a banyan tree there. Whenever I want grandpa, I will always go under the tree without knowing it. Then we moved to the street and it was hard to see the banyan tree again. For seven years, my dream has been to Grandpa twice. Grandpa, are you happy over there? Is there any flaws over there... I still don't understand why you didn't plant a banyan tree at the beginning. Have you really forgotten?
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