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China Biomass Fuel Pellet Mill
Product introduction
Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill is called pellet machine, pellet maker, pellet press, pelletizer, pellet making machine. Which is main machine in wood pellet line. it is retrofit over products according to the characteristics of biomass fuel particles based on our feed pellet machine, it mainly used for pressing flammable biomass materials such as sawdust from soft wood and hard wood, wood chips, wood shavings, straw, stalk, grass, rice husk, bagasse, peanut shell, sunflower husk, coconut shell, EFB, and any other biomass material to pellets, so it is the most popular and most utility pellet mill among the three kind pellet machines.
Product structure
Ring die pellet mill is made up of base frame, motor, coupling, gearbox, main shaft, hollow shaft, rollers, ring die, force feeding system, feeding system, and control system.
The feeding system use frequency control technology to control the feeding speed by VFD, thus to reduce the change of block in the machine, from the feeder auger, raw material go to force feeder by gravity.
Feeder auger
The force feeder push the raw material go to pelletizing room, because the system, this machine can suitable for both soft raw material and hard raw material.
In pelletizing room, there is feeder scraper, rollers, ring die, main shaft and hollow shaft, the rollers are fixed on main shaft which is stable during machine working, but the roller shell is running, the ring die is fixed on the hollow shaft by hoop, the ring die is running during machine working. After material go to pelletizing room, the rollers and scraper will press the material into holes on ring die, the material will press out from the holes to get pellets. The diameter and effective extrusion length of the holes decide the size of final pellets, the ratio between effective extrusion length of hole on ring die and diameter of the hole is called compression ratio, which is an important data of the ring die, it decide the quality of final pellets. According to character of different raw material, we can make special compression ratio ring die for one kind raw material, so just change the ring die can make the pellet mill suitable for different raw material.
Pelletizing roomgearbox
The main shaft is inside of hollow shaft, and back side of main shaft goes to the gear box, the gear box connect to motor by coupling, the motor give power to the whole machine.
Main shaft and hollow shaft
The ring die, rollers, main shaft, hollow shaft is installed in the pelletizing room in a horizontal level, that is why it is called horizontal pellet mill.
Why choose horizontal ring die pellet mill
1. Have feeding auger and force feeder, assure the machine suitable many different kind of raw material with both low bulk density and high bulk density.
2. Electric panel use VFD control the rotating speed of feeding auger and force feeder to control the feeding speed, thus to reduce the material block in pelletizing room. Electric panel have electromotor integrative protector to protect the motors in case of overload.
3. In case the pelletizing room is blocked, the door of pelletizing room is easy to open and clean.
4. Due to it’s horizontal structure, it is easy to maintain and change spare parts.
5. Ring die lifter, make the work to change ring die far more easy.
Ring dieroller assembly
6. At back side of main shaft can connect automatic grease lubricator, which can add grease to roller bearings and main shaft bearing automatically, thus can save labor.
7. Equipped with pellet cutter to adjust size of pellets.
Usage of final pellets
Pellets produced from biomass material are widely used for boilers, furnace, home heating, powerplants, nowadays it is also used for animal bedding.
Product technical data:
Capacity400-600kg/h for wood pellets1000-1200kg/h for wood pellets1500-2000kg/h for wood pellets
Main Power55 Kw90 Kw132 Kw
Feeder Motor Power1.5 Kw2.2 Kw2.2 Kw
Fore Feeder Power0.75 Kw1.1 Kw1.5 Kw
Ring Die Diameter350 mm420 mm508 mm
Ring Die Speed150 RPM
Ring Die Material20 CrMnTi
Ring Die Work Temperature≤ 80℃
Feeder Auger Speed12-120RPM
Roller Number2
Feeding material size<5mm
Feeding material moisture12-15%
Pellet Size6mm, 8mm, 10mm or customized
Sawdustrice huskfinal pelletsChina Biomass Fuel Pellet Mill

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