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China Plastic Auxiliary Machine suppliers
LAL/SP/SN Powder Powder Suction Device Installation Instructions:
The suction machine has 4 screw holes above the top cover of the hopper dryer, and screws with a diameter of 8 mm can be used after being fixed. The suction port of the suction machine is connected with a plastic tube (spring hose); the plastic tube is connected with the stainless steel suction tube at the tail, and the connected suction tube is put into the plastic material barrel to perform the suction work.
LAL/SP/SN powder powder suction machine application:
1. A conveying device for conveying granules and powdery materials by means of vacuum suction, which is widely used in the production and research fields of pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, ceramics, feedstuffs, pigments, dyes, and agricultural products.
2. The use of a vacuum conveyor can greatly reduce the dust pollution in the workshop, improve the cleanliness, significantly increase the production capacity, and save a lot of manpower, reduce pollution, safe and reliable.
3. Food industry additives, raw materials, candy, cellulose candy pills, cocoa powder, monosodium glutamate, crystals, etc.;
4. Chemical raw materials; transport of dyes, pigments and other materials;
5. Transportation of agricultural bulk materials;
6. Delivery of small parts for the electronics industry
LAL/SP/SN powder powder suction machine working principle:
1. The vacuum is generated by the vacuum generator, and the compressed air is filled into the backwash airbag. When the sucked powder reaches the specified delivery volume, the vacuum generator automatically stops running.
2. The discharge bottom valve opens, the pressure in the conveying equipment reaches equilibrium, and the material falls to the discharge position
3.Releas the compressed air in the airbag to automatically clean the powder particles adhering to the filter
4. The filter in the conveyor can well prevent the powder and particles from entering the vacuum generator and being emitted into the atmosphere to separate the gas from the conveyed powder.China Plastic Auxiliary Machine suppliers

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